We can directly accept HSA and FSA payment for full coverage. We are not in-network with any health insurance providers, so we can not accept insurance directly. We also recommend Advance Care Card as potential financial assistance.

While this program may require a more committed financial investment than some, I believe you will see the difference in my comprehensive approach. There will be lab tests, accountability, and extensive educational support offered. Many clients share that their time with me was a turning point in their health journey. Fortunately, HSA, FSA, and other credit providers can often reduce the cost of our service.

Results will vary, and it all depends on your commitment to self-care. For some, they will experience a 180-degree life changing experience that provides relief from a list of symptoms and years of struggle. For many others, we are just a helpful stop on their continued journey to health and wellness. While we can’t always guarantee results, we can always guarantee to provide the best and most comprehensive care.

No, we do not diagnose or treat diseases. We can share and encourage alternative treatment plans/options that can be approved by your doctor, if you desire. We do not intend to replace your relationship with your qualified health care professionals and our services are not intended as medical advice. We strongly encourage you to continue to visiting and being treated by your primary care physician or healthcare provider.

We would still encourage you to meet regularly with your doctor, and if needed, we can provide resources that support your doctor-patient relationship, while you work on your health and wellness goals.